Event Spotlight: Pharaoh – King of Egypt visits Leeds

British Museum Pharaoah exhibition- Leeds City Museum

Pharaoh – King of Egypt

FREE AND COMING SOON!  Pharaoh: King of Egypt – British Museum Tour

11 February – 17 June 2012

Leeds City Museum, Millennium Square Leeds LS2 8BH

Leeds City Museum is proud to be hosting a major touring exhibition, ‘Pharaoh: King of Egypt’, from The British Museum in 2012.  Featuring over 130 breathtaking objects from the British Museum’s collection, this blockbuster exhibition at Leeds City Museum will explore the different roles of the King of Egypt, as head of state, chief priest and commander of the army.  Marvel at the tomb statue of Ramses I, see unique reliefs and figurines and explore the life and death of the Pharaoh!

The exhibition will touch on themes as diverse as the Pharaoh’s relationship to the gods, festivals, war, and life in the royal court.  Featuring audio visuals, interactives and family trails, this exhibition will be a feast for the senses and a must-see for anyone with an interest in ancient Egypt.

Staged in the amazing Leeds City Museum Arena, this is a major blockbuster show for the whole family and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all of these fantastic objects in Leeds.




Find out more about the touring exhibition from The British Museum.


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